🏠Vacuum Cleaner ReviewsTop 10 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors in 2020 (Reviewed)

Top 10 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors in 2020 (Reviewed)

From robot vacuum cleaners to handheld and even traditional stick vacuum cleaners, I’ve been through it all. Different, companies, sizes, and even shapes to round up the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors in 2020 you can find!

This comprehensive list will help you cut down the time and take you through the device until you find the one that sings to you, your budget and most importantly the cleaning requirements. 

While looking for the ideal vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors you must keep the power, capacity, and price factor in mind. Ranging right from over $300 to $30, there is something for every budget. Also, keep your special requirements in mind as well, do you have pets? Do you want the device to also help you clean the car? 

The warranty terms and conditions? Once you get your hands on the right vacuum cleaner trust me cleaning will no longer seem like a hassle instead it will seamlessly become an integral part of your routine you look forward to. So, here’s to making cleaning fun… 


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Bagotte Robot Vacuum

Bagotte Robot Vacuum

Fully automatic, 100-minute run time, Super quiet

5.95 pounds

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Easy to use, Mode indicator, Self-charging 

5.73 pounds

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

Alexa compatible, Strong suction, 150-minute battery

7 pounds

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Vacuum (HV302)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Vacuum (HV302)

Convertible into hand vac, Fingertip controls, Home & car kit 

13.9 pounds

ONSON Stick Vacuum Cleaner

ONSON Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight, Cordless, Low noise 

3.08 pounds

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed

Height adjustment, 4 litres capacity, Powerful suction 

10 pounds

Bissell Hard Floor Expert

Bissell Hard Floor Expert

Perfect for houses with pets, Great suction, Stands by itself (easy to store) 

7 pounds

Bissell Zing Canister

Bissell Zing cannister

Multi-surface cleaning, DIRT cup filters, 15 feet cord 

7.5 pounds

Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1

Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1

Great price, Long cord, Lightweight

3.2 pounds

VonHaus 2 in 1 Vacuum cleaner

VonHaus 2 in 1 Vacuum cleaner

Convertible design, Bagless vacuum, Extendable handle 

5.51 pounds

Top 10 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors in 2020

1. Bagotte Robot Vacuum

If there is one thing that always manages to get me excited it is how comfortable and easy advancements in modern tech life is.

And this device by Bagotte gets the top rank first and foremost for the ease of usage and how comfortable life can get once you get it! Just imagine ditching the hours of manual labor involved in moping around your house for one decent cleaning session. 

If just this has got you hooked read on to see why I rated this as the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. 

The device glides across your floor pulling in all the dirt it can in a silent yet efficient manner without needing any manual guiding force.

Once fully charged it can run for about 100 minutes non-stop which is quite impressive for a device this size. 

It comes along with a magnetic strip that will guide the device to stay away from the set boundaries – quite smart, isn’t it!

We especially recommend this excellent vacuum machine for hardwood floors for people with pets as the 3-stage cleaning system along with the rubber suction pads is just perfect for picking up hair and rubble. 


  • Great sensors
  • Super quiet
  • Smart charge


  • Not voice-controlled
  • Can trip over objects if area not prepped
  • No App 

2. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Another robotic brilliant vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is this genius eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11s!

While the price tag with this one is on the costlier side, I assure you it is worth every penny. It is one of those investment devices that is bound to make a difference in your life.

Apart from being fully automatic, this amazing vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors comes along with easy to follow instructions that guide you through the numerous functions.

It comes along with a small screen on the bottom which helps you if the device ever stops. Each beep stands for a different issue and the color on top indicates the mode ranging from fully charged, discharged to empty the tray.

The best thing about it is that when the device is discharged it does not stop in its tracks instead the vacuum turns off and heads towards the home stations where it charges itself. How brilliant!


  • Self-charging
  • Low noise
  • Indicators 


  • Vacuum dump needs to be cleared often
  • Placing doc tricky
  • Expensive

3. Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

Yes, I am absolutely in love with robotic vacuum cleaners. But can you blame me? Just watching these little devices circling about efficiently doing their chores making our lives easier is just so soothing.

And this Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum is one such device.

This amazing vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors comes along with Alexa compatibility which makes it easier to sync with other devices and just control through your voice. How amazing! 

Apart from this necessity, the device offers best-in-class tech for smart navigation which understands your house and plans its route accordingly.

The device has the strength to cross over objects of lower than 2cm width making it perfect for carpeted rooms.

Moving on, it can also sweep and mop which ideal to leave your hardwood floor spick and span in a matter of minutes. Speaking of which the device has a total run time of 150 minutes. 


  • Alexa compatible
  • Smooth movement
  • Great suction


  • Requires supervision
  • Brush clogs

4. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Vacuum (HV302)

Powerful suction, multi-functional, long cord, and light – these must be the top features we look at while investing in the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and this Shark Rocket Vacuum offers that and so much more I am drawn!

The amount of dirt it can suction out of a seemingly clean floor is just beyond amazing making it perfect for both household needs and offices.

The 25 feet long cord makes it seem cordless while working in long stretches and honestly, I cannot complain.

There is no complicated assembly with screws required just a few minutes into unboxing and ta-da there you have it an amazing cleaner.

The smooth swivel maneuvering system makes it easy to even clean ceilings seamlessly. 

The device has a small head compared to many competitors which is perfect to use under furniture and reach out to those tricky spots. What I love the most is the cleaning attachments which also make the device useful in cars.


  • Many attachments
  • Great swivel
  • Long cord 


  • Small dirt collector
  • Heavyweight in the handle
  • Blows warm air 

5. ONSON Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to stick vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors this might be the lightest and most efficient one in that category we have come across!

The power jam-packed in this cordless device makes it perfect for the cleaning chores be it in a house or even office.

Leaving behind the hassle of a cord, the ONSON stick has a super powerful but quiet 150-watt suction in the highest MAX mode which is sufficient to pick up the most stubborn pet hair and even dust stains. 

As the device is truly lightweight it is easy to carry around and about.

It can also be used handheld along with the two additional Snap-on tools which will complement it.

This excellent vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors comes along an extra sweeping brush, 2-in-1 vacuum dusting brush, and crevice tool.


  • Extra HEPA filter
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • Body feels cheap
  • Suction high only on one setting
  • Vacuum makes noise on carpet

6. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed

When I saw this device and the features it offered. I yelled Eureka for the amazing featuring and design which were all smashed in one budget device!

Starting right from the sleek blue and black body this beautiful vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor has so much on the list of features.

Right from having a wide 12. 6” nozzle which means fast and easy cleaning.

The lightweight body makes it easy to move around without any hassle and what’s best is that it comes with a 5 height adjustment and the smooth wheels make sure the hardwood floors are left without any scratches or gouges.

This device has very few complaints on the clean-up, maintenance, and filter system front which is a big win! 

Most devices become a burden because of these points and trust me these small points are as important as seeking a powerful vacuum cleaner that does the job right! 


  • Great accessories
  • Large dust capacity
  • Wide nozzle 


  • Noisy
  • Roller can get faulty 

7. Bissell Hard Floor Expert

This amazing vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors comes in an unusual v-shaped foot but don’t let the unique appearance fool you into underestimating its power as I did.

Packed with swivel steering which is perfect for this handheld vacuum cleaner.

This device is advertised as made for hardwood floor cleaning and it is certainly one of the best at it owing to the powerful suction, light design, and the best easy to empty bagless tech which makes cleaning so much more fun! 

In fact, the design of this Bissell vacuum cleaner may be one of the reasons I love the vacuum cleaner even more.

The design allows you to clean through corners and edges of sofas and beds to seamlessly it makes you doubt the conventional vacuum cleaners.

And the best aspect of this device has to be the price point. 

While most of us are willing to invest a bigger chunk into a cleaning device this device makes us reconsider. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Powerful suction
  • Great design 


  • Heavy
  • Cord not long enough 

8. Bissell Zing Canister

The name of this awesome vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is as amazing as its features.

The first and only canister vacuum cleaner to make it on this list had to be pretty great and this is that.

The bagless canister has a compact design that is packed with features. It is well equipped to handle and clean every inch of your house be it carpeted or with delicate hardwood floors. 

This vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors runs on a powerful cyclonic technology which gives continuous suction perfect for both carpets and hard floors. T

he best thing is despite being a canister is comes with an easy empty dirt cup which makes sure cleaning the mess inside is dirt-free and your hands remain away from the mess.

The multiple tools and telescopic wand included with the canister make it easy for cleaning your car or even the ceiling seamlessly. And did we mention the suction of the device is adjustable with a knob making it easy to clean even your curtains! 


  • Extremely powerful
  • Hygienic cleaner
  • Multifunctional 


  • Hefty body
  • Thick vacuum head
  • Bags expensive 

9. Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1

The cheapest of the lot and an amazon recommended choice, this Eureka Blaze is one of the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors in a budget which I highly recommend.

With over 3,000 reviews, this device got so much right, especially for the price. 

Let’s start with the 3-In-1 design which helps you customize the vacuum as per your needs and being as light as 4 pounds its easy to carry with you anywhere. 

Compared with most stick vacuums this one is quite the one for hardwood floors as the nozzle picks up larger debris with ease and speed owing to its powerful 2 amp motor.

It comes along with an 18' power cord and also a large dust cup which makes cleaning easy and fast.


  • Budget pick
  • Long cord
  • Great suction


  • The power button in odd spot
  • Hard to find filter
  • Swivel gets stuck

10. VonHaus 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Last but definitely not the least – VonHaus 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is the one for you if you’re looking for a handheld device that can double up as a stick cleaner with its 130 watts of powerful suction.

You can keep modifying the length depending upon your cleaning requirement. 

The bagless machine comes along with a 1.3 liters tank ideal for cleaning at a stretch without having to stop to clear the mess. 

And what’s amazing is how easily you can detach the dust container and clear the waste without getting your hands dirty. 

This vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors has a 19.5 feet power cord, extension tube, and even crevice tools to make the most of it. Not to forget it also has a small brush attachment perfect for handheld car cleaning, hose adaptor, and a shoulder strap.


  • Great accessories
  • 19.5 feet power cord
  • 1.3L tank 


  • Poor built
  • Overheats 

Final Words

Just compiling this list, my mind was full of questions and doubts. I kept questioning which was the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, and I realized the answer is bound to vary.

My concern is pets and I would love to have a robot cleaner do the job for me while I handle some other chore while you may enjoy cleaning and would prefer a handheld device that has many different features.

So, be sure to pick one out of this list which sings out to you and seems perfect to you in every aspect after all buying a vacuum cleaner is quite an investment. 

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