Top 5 Best Dustbuster in 2024 (Review + Buying Guide)

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Dear house cleaning,

You are not attractive, and I’m not doing it.


I wish we all could say this to our house and avoid the most tiring task of the century, cleaning. Sadly, we can’t do this, and we have to keep the house clean from dust, pet hair, and other messes.

But, we can make cleaning a less hectic task by getting a handheld vacuum cleaner or Dustbuster. Since you’re reading this article, I assume you’ve already decided to buy one.

Buying the best Dustbuster may look like a child’s play on the surface, but when you start the research, it becomes an unsolvable piece of a puzzle. To save your time and energy, we researched for you.

After a solid 110 hours of research, testing different vacuums, and getting feedback from previous buyers, we made a list of top 10 best Dustbuster available in the market.

One particular model that stood out from the list is BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FL. We found it to be the best bang for the buck considering its price, weight, storage capacity, performance, and running time.

For readers who want a beautiful looking hand vacuum with crazy suction power and excellent built quality, give Dyson V7 Trigger a try.

Top 6 Best Dustbuster In 2024

Comparison Chart

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BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Flex Handheld Vacuum with Pet Hair Brush, Cordless, Grey (BDH2020FL)
41wGmPLQtrL. SL500
Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
414ydT1cPUL. SL500
BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, 16V (CHV1410L)
41oJu8oq 8L. SL500
AutoSpa 94005AS Bagless Auto-Vac Hand-Held 120V Vacuum
41W4QWtFloS. SL500
BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, Grey (BDH2000PL)

1. BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FL Cordless – Best Overall

41Zgf0y+nGL. SL500

The undisputed king of Dustbuster, Black+Decker BDH2020FL is perhaps the best handheld vacuum cleaner available right now. Not only it is powerful and compact; it can be used effectively to clean pet hair, carpet, and other upholstery.

With a 4ft flexible extension hose, it can cover all the cleaning task from floor to ceiling. It also comes with cyclonic action to separate the large debris from small and spin the dust away from the filter.

My favorite part of owning Black+Decker BDH2020FL is thin nozzle which allows me to clean the hard to reach areas. And the second best feature is lightweight and compactness.

It is smaller than it looks in images which means I can hold the hose in one hand and the vacuum unit in the other.

Availability of lithium-ion battery means the suction power remains the same even on the low battery. The charging dock is convenient base, and you need to set the vacuum on it.

Talking about the battery of BDH2020FL, this thing doesn’t overcharge so you can leave it on the dock without keeping a track on the charging level. The running time sitting at 20 minutes is beyond what you’ll see on other Dustbuster.

The only downside I faced is the NOISE level, we measured it at 78-84 dB at max power. Due to the output of power, it is quite loud as compared to another handheld vacuum on the list. Consider getting hearing protection for yourself if it’s too loud for your ears.

However, it’s not a deal breaker for me (great power comes with little extra noise :p), and I highly recommend it.


  • Strong suction power
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Washable dirt bowl
  • 4 ft flexible extension hose
  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 10.7 x 6.5 inches

What’s In The Box?

  • Pet hair brush
  • 2-in-1 nozzle/brush tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Charging base
  • Washable filter


  • Great suction power with above average running time
  • Works great with pet hair, cereal, and other debris
  • Extension hose is longest which makes helps in cleaning hard to reach areas
  • Lightweight and multiple tools available


  • One of the loudest handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Doesn’t work smooth for carpet cleaning
  • Bagless container can be challenging to dump

2. Dyson V7 Trigger – Most Powerful Dustbuster

41wGmPLQtrL. SL500

Sitting at the top for pricing, Dyson V7 Trigger is the most futuristic-looking handheld vacuum cleaner. It looks like someone brought it from the future or a weapon from the sci-fi film.

Don’t confuse the design to be heavy as surprisingly it weighs only 3.77 pounds and feels super-light in your hands.

Dyson has done a great job with the build, and it feels excellent in hands and comfortable to hold.

Talking about the power, Dyson V7 is miles ahead of other Dustbuster on the list and offers 15 cyclones to clean the dust and microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns (what’s that?)

To give you a clear idea of how small a 0.5 macron is, let’s take a look at below chart (source)

Micron Size Comparison

Here, (A) is the diameter of a human hair (100 microns), then (B) is the size of the smallest particle visible to the human eye (50 microns), and (C) is the size of a 0.5-micron particle (super super tiny.)

Not only it is powerful; it comes with the mini motorized tool, combination tool, and crevice tool to clean every part of your house, car, or garage. It also offers a fade-free 30 minutes of running time, which is again impressive.

The only deal breaker is the price. At the cost of just under $200, it’s not affordable by masses (who would want to invest a whopping $200 on a dust cleaner?)

However, if you need the most powerful, durable, and best looking Dustbuster, Dyson V7 has got your back.


  • Strong suction power
  • Futuristic and sleek look
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Multiple built-in tools available
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 5.2 x 8.1 inches

What’s In The Box?

  • Mini motorized tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Combination tool
  • Charging dock


  • One of the best looking
  • Dustbuster with great suction power
  • Most powerful suction with 15 cyclones and can suck particles as small as 0.5 microns
  • Built-in tools makes it a compact multipurpose tool and easy to carry around the house
  • Lowest noise level
  • Longest run time on a single charge


  • Good design comes with a hefty price point
  • No extension hose
  • Non-removable battery

3. BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L – Best for Quick-Cleanup

414ydT1cPUL. SL500

While some of the handheld vacuum cleaners on the list are bulky or require you to pre-assemble, BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L is the absolute pleasure.

It has one of the best compact designs with strong suction perfect for quick cleanups around the house.

The primary reason to buy a Dustbuster is quick cleanup. You want it to sit on top of a shelve or countertops so that you can grab it and clean the little mess you just made. BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L is a perfect candidate for this task.

With Cyclone action, it can quickly suck larger debris and separate them from small dust particles. Also, the washable dirt bowl is significantly larger and allows mess-free dumping.

One highlight of BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L dustbuster is fast charging dock. The company claims a 4-hour fast charging which can last up to 18 months (without losing the power, off the charger.) During my review, it took 5 hours 15 minutes to fully charge, so that’s a good sign.

However, the running time is rather short. It offers only 10 minutes of active usage before you have to run to the charging base and recharge it. Being cordless, you can’t use it while on charge.

Few of the users also commented about the battery degrading after 3-5 years of usage. And since it doesn’t offer a removable battery, you’ll may a hard time to get it replaced.

Do note that there’s no external extension hose available, but it has a built-in extension, crevice tool, and brush. In my opinion, I found BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L to be a great addition to a full-size vacuum cleaner as it offers great portability and can quickly clean the mess.


  • Smart charge technology
  • Strong suction power
  • Lightweight and long-lasting build quality
  • Easy to empty and washable dirt bowl
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 5.5 x 7.8 inches

What’s In The Box?

  • Crevice tool
  • Brush
  • Manual


  • Battery can hold charge for up to 18 months
  • Takes less than 5 hours to fully charge
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Easy to dump and transparent dirt bowl


  • Run time is short
  • One of the loudest Dustbuster
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Limited tools available

4. Carrand AutoSpa 94005AS – Best Dustbuster for Car

41oJu8oq 8L. SL500

When it comes to cleaning a car, there are few specifics to consider before buying a handheld vacuum. Carrand AutoSpa 94005AS is a perfect corded handheld vacuum for the car enthusiast.

It comes with three specialty tool vacuum heads: 1. dash brush tool, 2. crevice tool, and 3. carpet and upholstery tool. With these heads, it can take care of both inside and outside of your car, as well as cleaning your house.

The design is compact taking very little space to store, and the weight is just around 8 ounces (0.5 lbs.) You can hold it for a longer time or keep it on the ground and use the 43“ flexible vacuum hose to clean the areas.

It also comes with a reusable collection basket, so you don’t need to repurchase a replacement bags (unless you lose this one.)

Another interesting feature available on Carrand AutoSpa 94005AS is 360-degree swivel elbow which doesn’t let the flexible hose get stuck at some point.

In my review, I found it to be the best handheld vacuum cleaner for car owners who own a pet. With a solid suction power, it faced no problem sucking all my dog hair from hard to reach areas (including the areas that professional cleaning services couldn’t.)

One shortcoming of this product is the length of the flexible hose. Although the 43-inches hose should be enough to clean a car, it isn’t suitable for a house. Also being corded means you’ll have to find a power switch and deal with the cord.


  • 550 Watts cleaning power
  • 12 ft power cord
  • Lightweight and long-lasting build quality
  • 43″ extension hose
  • Dimensions: 15.1 x 10.4 x 8.1 inches

What’s In The Box?

  • Crevice tool
  • Dash brush tool
  • Carpet and upholstery tool
  • Reusable collection basket


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 360 degree swivel elbow makes cleaning easier
  • 43-inches extension hose is available to reach difficult areas
  • Works great with pet hair
  • Multiple tools available and can be kept on-board


  • Corded
  • Power cord is rather short and you may need to buy an extension (we recommend 100 ft power cord extension)
  • Not efficient to clean the house
  • A bit loud


41W4QWtFloS. SL500

The Black+Decker BDH2000PL is one of the strangest looking handheld vacuum cleaner with its pivoting nozzle. And interestingly, the pivoting nozzle is the #1 reason why consumer purchases it.

Don’t judge me for including multiple Black+Decker products in the list. They are the #1 leader and this space and have released some of the best Dustbuster in the market.

When not in use you can close the nozzle, and it’ll turn into a super compact dustbuster.

When cleaning, open it and rotate it as per your need to clean the hard to reach areas like the top of the shelves, under the couch, or in between your car seats.

It also comes with a crevice tool and a brush, so you can use it to clean the rugs and tight corners. As per my review, I found the suction to be sturdy and it easily sucked the large and small debris.

Included is a bagless dirt bowl with 42% increased capacity for more extended usage. You can also remove the bowl and wash it with water hassle-free.

Talking about the negative side, many people claimed a dead battery after a year of usage and getting a replacement battery is relatively difficult. Some users have also complained of “bowl & nozzle” breaking down after regular usage.

Also it is the loudest handheld vacuum cleaner we tested. The noise level is as high as 90 dB at max power which is quite irritating at some point.


  • 35 Air Watt suction power
  • 3-stage filtering system
  • Wide mouth design
  • Pivot vacuum
  • Dimensions: 18 x 6.9 x 6.8 inches

What’s In The Box?

  • Washable filter and Pre-filter
  • On-board Brush
  • On-board Crevice Tool
  • Charging Base


  • Pivoting nozzle to reach difficult areas
  • Wide mouth design to suck larger debris
  • Lightweight and offers great portability and maneuverability
  • Large, easy-to-clean dirt bowl


  • Very loud (loudest on the list)
  • No extension hose available
  • Sub-par build quality

Best Dustbuster Buying Guide

If you are convinced to buy a perfect Dustbuster, here are few of the critical factors to look for before making the final decision. These will help you make an informed buying choice which you won’t regret later.

1. Dry or Wet

Cleaning your house isn’t limited to either dry or wet mess. You’ll have to take care of liquid, and dry and not every Dustbuster is meant to manage both. Most of the Dustbuster shared on the list (unless mentioned) are intended to clean dry messes like debris, cereal, dust, pet hair, etc.If you try to clean the wet mess with those, it will affect the filter and performance. In some cases, sucking up water can also electrocute the motor or destroy the fan.Handheld vacuum cleaners like Holife 6KPA are designed to work with a dry and liquid mess. It is recommended first to clean the water using a dry towel, scrub the liquid mess, and then use the vacuum cleaner to pick up the leftover.Depending on your need and type of mess you face the most, you should decide which kind of Dustbuster is right for you.

2. Battery Level Indicator

As you may have noticed, the majority of best Dustbuster comes with a lithium-ion battery which is known to provide a fade-free suction power. While it’s a great thing to have, it comes with a common setback.

You won’t feel the difference between power even on a low battery which makes it hard to guess the charge level. If no battery level indicator is provided, you’ll have to play the guessing game and often time face a dead battery between cleaning.

Although it’s a standard feature provided by almost every Handheld vacuum cleaner, make sure the one you’re purchasing hasn’t missed on it.

3. Total Running Time

Whether it be a smartphone, an electric car, or a hand vacuum, a longer running time is always appreciated. The longer it manages to run, the more you can clean without keeping it on the charging board.

With the amount of power required, it is challenging to get a running time of over 20 minutes and most industry popular Dustbuster only last for 15 minutes. And if you need more battery time, suction power will be compromised.

However, there are few exceptional ones like Dyson V7 Trigger which excels both in suction power and the running time (30+ minutes.)

4. Time Taken to Fully Charge

You don’t buy a hand vacuum to keep it on the charging dock. You want it to charge faster and last longer.

However, that’s not the case yet, and every cordless Dustbuster takes at least a few hours to charge and run for only a few minutes. While you can’t change this situation, we can look for options with fast charging and acceptable running time.

Black+Decker BDH2020FL is probably the most balanced Dustbuster regarding the battery. It supports fast charging (which takes 5 hours to fully charge) and offers an above average 20 minutes of run time.

5. Dirt Container Capacity

A large dirt container means you can clean multiple places at once without the need to dump. Having a large dirt container is super useful for quick cleanup fanatics who would want to wash after every few minutes.

Typically a Dustbuster will have at least 0.5 liters of dirt capacity which is sufficient in most cases. Consider choosing a hand vacuum with bigger dirt tank, if you would like to clean multiple places at once or a bigger area.

From our list of Best Dustbuster in 2020, Hoover Air BH52160PC has the largest dirt bowl with 0.7 liters capacity.

6. Noise Level

A quiet vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice for owners with kids or pets. The noise of vacuum can often disturb your kid’s sleep or irritate them. Also, pets sometimes get scared/shocked when a vacuum starts.

While we all need to avoid this situation, unfortunately, there’s no super quiet handheld vacuum cleaner designed, yet. But how do we decide which vacuum cleaner is quietest without using it?

To understand the noise level of a Vacuum cleaner, we first need to understand how it is measured.

The noise level is measured in decibel (notated as dB) and the noise level of a standard vacuum cleaner is around 78-80 dB. To give you a precise comparison, here are noise level of few things:

  • Libraries: 40 dB
  • Normal conversations: 60-70 dB
  • Radio and TV: 70 dB

Though we can’t get to library-level quite hand vacuum cleaner, few are around the range of Radio and TV.

Ideally, to get a quiet vacuum cleaner, you should look for noise level below 72 dB. From the list above, Dyson V7 is the quietest Dustbuster with a noise level of just 64-66 dB on max power.

7. Dimensions and Weight

Let’s discuss the most critical factor to consider when buying a handheld vacuum, its size. The #1 reason you decided to buy a Dustbuster in the first place is more portability, quick cleanups, and less storage space.

If a handheld vacuum turns out to be bulky and heavy, you’d have a hard time using it and would instead prefer to stick with the regular full-size vacuum cleaner.

A compact and lightweight design mean you can easily take it to a trip, clean your car, keep it on countertops for quick cleanup, and not worry about hand strain. Fortunately, all the best Dustbuster shared on this page are compact and lightweight and won’t take much of the storage space.

However, Carrand AutoSpa 94005AS is the lightest and smallest one making it the best handheld vacuum cleaner for cars.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner FAQ

Dustbuster Buying Guide

Q. Do I Need A Dustbuster If I Already Own A Vacuum Cleaner?

The most heard reason to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner is that it can clean hard-to-reach and smaller places. Areas like curtains, countertops, shelves, windowsills, etc. are inconvenient to clean with a bigger vacuum cleaner.

A handheld vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, can easily clean these areas in lesser time than it takes to unwrap the cord of regular vacuum cleaner. Most Dustbuster is battery-powered so that they can sit on shelf or countertop for in-between usages.

Portability is another reason you may want to grab a Dustbuster in addition to a full-size vacuum cleaner. Just think about all the hassle it would take to pack your vacuum cleaner before going on a trip and searching for charging sockets during the journey.

Q. What Is Cyclonic Action in Vacuum Cleaner?

Introduction of cyclonic action was a breakthrough in vacuum cleaner history. And it changed the way a vacuum cleaner works. Without a cyclonic action, a vacuum sucks the dirty air and blow it directly to the bag or dirt container. But as the dirt level increases, the ability to store dirty air reduces and the air is sent back to the room.

In this process, although the dirt from places is captured, the air remains dirty which can affect your health.

How does Cyclonic Action work?

According to ExplainThatStuff, “the electric motor sucks dirty air into the top of the cyclone, where it whirls around at high speed. While the air is drawn through the cone, the dust spins around, drops down, and collects in the clear plastic bin beneath ready for disposal.

Here’s a rough drawing of how cyclonic vacuum cleaners work and separate dust particle and clean the air using HEPA filter.

Cyclonic Action in Vacuum Cleaner Working

Q. How Does A Vacuum Cleaner Works?

The working of a vacuum cleaner is one of the fascinating things I have seen. While it’s hard to explain in plain words, here’s a simple video (meant for kids) to understand the basic principals.

Q. Can Vacuum Cleaner Kill Cockroaches?

While it’s a mixed argument and doesn’t have an exact answer, I believe that vacuum cleaning is an excellent way to get rid of cockroaches. If you manage to vacuum the corners or most hideous places, you can suck the cockroaches.

Now, it won’t be killed immediately, but it’ll either in the dirtbag or dustbin if kept for a long time. In case of wet vacuum cleaners, cockroaches can die in the dirt container with the liquid mess.

There are least chances that a cockroach once sucked will be able to get out, so you can throw them away and clean the vacuum cleaner. It’s recommended to use a HEPA filter to reduce the possibility of any airborne bacteria being spread.

Also, since the roaches like to live in filthy places, you can clean up the areas and corners (use crevice tool) to destroy their habitat.

So yes, a vacuum cleaner can kill cockroaches, indirectly.

Best Dustbuster FAQ

Best Dustbuster – Final Words

I’m nothing without my readers. And if this guide couldn’t help you out in choosing the best dustbuster, I need to work harder and improve.

If you have got few extra moments, do let me know how did you feel about this guide if it helped you or not, was an important point missing, or anything which can improve this dustbuster buying guide.

On the flip side, if it helped you make an informed decision and you think it’s good as it is, do share it with your friends and family. Help them find the best handheld vacuum cleaner without wasting hours in research.

In either way, I would love to get connected with you via comments or on Pinterest. If it’s your first time reading on, make sure to bookmark us for more cleaning related guides and tool review.

Also if you’re confused about your buying decision, feel free to contact us for an expert suggestion.

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