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Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in 2020 (Reviewed)

Do you struggle with cleaning out the car and always dread this task? Be it age-old dust stains on the floor or food crumbs dropped by kids, it can be a tough task to clean every inch of the car to perfection without sending it to the expensive car wash centres! 

From cleaning the seats to get the hidden dirt under the mats, the best car vacuum cleaner can help you get all sorts of dirt out of your car, even dirt you didn’t know existed. It makes cleaning simple, fun, fast and most importantly effective. 

You will forget the wet sponges and brushes to comb out the dirt after you see the features offered by the best car vacuum cleaner. From cordless, lightweight bodies to a flexible warranty, each of these powerful machines has something to offer that makes it the best car vacuum cleaner for you! 

While picking the perfect cleaner, you must keep your requirements in mind and also the budget. Some of these machines are budget-friendly while some are on the steeper price range.


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Hotor Car Vacuum - Best Overall

Hotor Car Vacuum

In-built LED light, 16.4 ft cord, Stainless steel filter

2.44 pounds

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

16 feet power cable, Strong suction, Metal turbine

2.4 pounds

JackMo handheld vacuum

JackMo Handheld Vacuum

Cordless, Fast charging, Low noise

1.35 pounds

Dyson V7 trigger

Dyson V7 Trigger

Cordless, Strongest suction, 2-year warranty

3.77 pounds

Black + Decker MAX (BDH2020FLFH)

Black +Decker MAX (BDH2020FLFH)

Low noise, Strong suction, Dry & wet cleaning

2.56 pounds

LOZAYI Car Vacuum

LOZAYI Car Vacuum

Low noise, Strong suction, Dry & wet cleaning

1.85 pounds

XDesign Car Vacuum

XDesign Car Vacuum

Strong suction, LED lights, 1-year warranty

2.34 pounds

Black + Decker Dustbuster (CHV1410L)

Black + Decker Dustbuster (CHV1410L)

Cordless, Lightweight, Smart charge, 2-year warranty

2.6 pounds

Banaton Car Vacuum

Banaton Car Vacuum

LED light, Wet & dry dirt, 1-year warranty

2.85 pounds

ArmorAll Vacuum

Armour All AA255

2.5 gallon tank, 10 ft cord, On-board accessory

7 pounds

Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in 2020

1. Hotor Car Vacuum - Best Overall

After long deliberation we came to conclude the Hotor car vacuum is hands down the best car vacuum cleaner in 2019. This bestseller on Amazon is packed with high-selling features which were hard to ignore. 

Starting right from the fact that the compact machine is the perfect size for cleaning out cars.

It is made specially for cleaning out cars and does a brilliant job at that. Equipped with a fantastic bright LED light, it makes cleaning under dark corners and also at night much easier. 

These small thoughtful features are what makes a car vacuum the perfect choice. 

It has an upgraded HEPA filter which is not only durable and washable but also the company offers a free replacement for life. 

The dust cup head is completely detachable which makes cleaning and clearing out the dust an easy chore without any accidents. The powerful machine comes with 3 different nozzles for every cleaning requirement.


  • Upgraded HEPA filter
  • Removable dust cup
  • Compact design


  • Fading suction
  • Cleaning process is complicated

2. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

Coming in the runner up position but still making a strong case for the best car vacuum cleaner is this device by ThisWorx which is everything you’d want from a powerful yet lightweight car vacuum cleaner

The cleaner is guaranteed to give a professional like cleaning effect each time with its strong suction powered by a 106w motor and strong metal turbine which make sure they leave behind a clean surface. 

The trash container and lid automatically close down to stop the trash from falling out while you are cleaning out a car. It is also transparent which helps to know when it is full. 

This compact machine is capable of handling both dry and wet dirt making it ideal to even carry it with you in times of picnics and long hauls to clean any sudden dirt stains. 

It has a 16 feet power cord which gives you quite the reach for any car from a sedan to XUV. 

This device too comes along with 3 different nozzles which can handle a tonne of different cleaning scenarios.


  • Great budget pick
  • Warranty for filters
  • Comes with storage bag


  • Weak suction
  • Low-grade plastic body

3. JackMo Handheld Vacuum

Coming in third place is this handheld machine by JackMo which is the best car vacuum machine for anyone looking for a fast charging device which is compact and strong. 

The rechargeable machine takes about 4 hours to fully charge and can work nonstop for 30 minutes making it ideal for the car cleaning sessions! 

It has 600ml dust container which is sufficient enough even to clean sections of the house. To top it all off the device is cordless making for a seamless cleaning experience. 

The device boasts of a strong power to even collect debris less than 0.1 micron hidden in the tough spots which can be accessed using three different attachments including the brush and crevice nozzle.  

The budget device is easy to clean as it has a detachable stainless-steel filter which has a longer lifespan than your regular filters. To top it all up they have a strong 30-day money-back and 12-month worry-free warranty policy.


  • Fast charge
  • Different attachments
  • Stainless steel filter


  • Weak hose
  • Strictly for car usage

4. Dyson V7 Trigger

Once Dyson released their version of the best car vacuum cleaner powered by the Dyson digital motor V7, everyone had to get their hands on it! 

Famed to be the most powerful handheld vacuum, this machine has an array of features to offer. 

Starting with the cord free functioning which makes everything fast and convenient while cleaning out your car. 

The machine has a 30 minutes of uninterrupted fade free suction which is enough to get most of the job done! 

What we love the most about this Amazon recommended handheld vacuum is its dirt ejector which makes the whole process of taking out the trash efficient without getting your hands dirty. 

The hygienic dirt ejector drives out the dust and debris in one swift motion which is simple and makes cleaning a less daunting task! 

The device also comes with a two-year warranty which covers the parts as well as labour.


  • Hygienic dirt ejector
  • Completely cordless
  • A very powerful motor
  • 2-years warranty


  • Frequent charging required
  • Customer care team is rather slow
  • Expensive

5. Black + Decker MAX (BDH2020FLFH)

This powerful cordless Black & Decker Max vacuum cleaner comes recommended by the editors at Amazon for the many features it has. 

The portable and compact vacuum cleaner has a dustbowl capacity of 18.9 ounces making it perfect for cleaning out your car in one go!  

It has a 4 feet flexible hose which can easily sneak into the tight spots and corners including the crevices in the leather seats. 

The strong filtering system built in ensures the dust and debris gets caught in the machine. This highly rated machine is easy to clean and wash. 

The device takes about 4 hours to charge and also has a special pet hair brush amongst many other attachments. 

Many reviews swear by this equipment being the best handheld vacuum machine they have ever had. 

This is the best car vacuum cleaner looking for some just to clean out their car which is something easy to carry and use yet powerful enough to the job just right!


  • Strong suction
  • Compact design
  • Attachments including pet hair brush, thin nozzle for tricky spots


  • Weak battery life
  • Complicated charging process

6. LOZAYI Car Vacuum

Highly reviewed this new arrival has made quite a mark in terms of the best car vacuum cleaner with its awesome features. 

Packed with all the attributes for a car vacuum what we love the most about this device is that has a super strong suction coupled with low noise

This is exactly what we want from a small device designer specially for cleaning cars. From pet hair to water stains, it can clear out everything while making under 75 decibels super low noise level

The handheld device is supported by a 16.4 feet long power cord which is sufficient enough to clean the innermost corners of the car without feeling restricted. 

It has a stainless steel HEPA filter with a 300ml trash container which is more than enough for that squeaky-clean effect. 

This device too allows you to see the usage through the transparent container and comes along with 3 nozzles.


  • Long power cord
  • Compact design
  • Low noise


  • Wavering suction
  • Poor attachments

7. XDesign Car Vacuum

Another highly rated product, this XDesign machine too can be a good choice for the best car vacuum machine. 

It has a registered suction power of about 4,500 Pa while the 98W motor is strong enough to pick everything from the layers in your car. 

It is supported by 14.6 feet cord which can even be used with the adaptor in your car making for the perfect saviour in emergencies. 

The compact and sleek machine has one of the lightest and easiest to grip designs which makes cleaning more convenient. 

This best car vacuum machine comes with an LED light to help you spot stubborn stains you couldn’t have spotted otherwise.

Equipped with a steel filter and detachable head, the machine can handle both dry and wet dirt. 

Moreover, the Xdesign car vacuum has a one-year warranty just in case you need a replacement or run into some big mess!


  • One-year warranty
  • LED light
  • 14.6 ft cord


  • Not extremely powerful
  • Crevice tool not useful

8. Black + Decker Dustbuster (CHV1410L)

Recommended by the editors at Amazon, another Black & Decker vacuum clear is strong yet light making quite a compelling case. 

It is lithium-ion powered which gives it a long battery life adding to its outstanding performance. It can hold a charge up to a staggering 18 months

The device’s dust bowl has a capacity for 20.6 ounces and boasts a suction power of 15.2 AW

What makes it even more special is that uses smart charge technology making it easy to use on a regular basis without wasting much time over charging it all the time. 

The dustbuster imitates a cyclonic action while sucking up the dirt which helps maintain a clean filter. 

The compact best car vacuum machine has a translucent dirt bowl, without any bag, which makes it easy to see the dirt and the available space. 

A big plus has to be the washable bowls and filters which makes for a seamless use every time!


  • Long extendable pickup
  • Strong sucking power
  • Two-year warranty


  • Countertop charge base
  • Battery not user-replaceable item
  • Loud appliance

9. Banaton Car Vacuum

Powered by a strong and mighty 106W motor which can smoothly handle wet and dry dirt, this Banaton car vacuum is quite the item to invest in! 

From pet hair to soiled food on the floor and any other stubborn stains, this strong device makes vacuuming so easy and fast it seems unbelievable. 

With a 16.4 feet long power cord and multiple of attachments, it has everything required for that professional like cleaning experience for every size cars. 

The multitude of reviews laud the device’s compact size which is ideal for car usage. 

The modern design ensures the trash stays tightly secured inside without creating a biggest mess than you found. 

It is lightweight despite its strong motor and also can be used with a cigarette lighter for the portable days. 

Apart from all the features, the handheld device also comes with a year warranty to safeguard any accidents.


  • Wet & dry usage
  • Budget friendly
  • Multiple attachments


  • Easy to ruin motor
  • Noisy

10. ArmorAll Vacuum

While for many car washing can be an unpleasant chore, it is the job of the best car vacuum machine to make it easy, fast and even fun. This unconventional looking machine is reputed to do just that. 

This ArmorAll machine is awesomely light and also has an incredible suction power – these are the two features that matter the most and this device aces that! 

Beyond this the vacuum machine comes with many attachments, all of which are useful for many different cleaning purposes. 

This well-rated machine is equipped to handle both wet and dry dirt while there is no collection bag or HEPA filter. 

Instead it has a small filter which protects and covers the motor from dirt. Once you’re done with your cleaning you simply have to open it and clear out the can. 

This is totally reusable and can also be replaced frequently but be careful to do so often as you can ruin the motor.


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Different attachments


  • Power cord not long
  • Easy to ruin motor

Final Words

When you go to pick the best car vacuum cleaner, you are bound to pick one of these 10 cleaners we rounded up for you, but we hope this list helped you narrow down the choice to the one! 

Is it small enough to clean the tricky corners? Is it cordless or with a power cable? How easily are the fittings cleaner? Is it loud? 

All of these small things matter, and the detailed review should guide you through investing in the best car vacuum cleaner. 

Be sure to check the warranty and return policy before you pick out the best car vacuum cleaner. 

The machine that stood out for us had to be the Hotor car vacuum cleaner which ticked all the right boxes. 

Which of these ticked the right boxes for you?

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